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In April 2016 we traveled to Little Ray of Hope, a preschool in Kawangware, Kenya’s second largest slum in Nairobi. We volunteered to offer live music English classes, concerts, a teacher training program and instruments. The result was an impactful cultural exchange among educators and lasting memories with their kids! The Founder, Evelyn Waneloba, stretches meager funds to provide so much for the students who face unimaginable challenges. We are committed to supporting them because it’s not only our kids stateside who should benefit from quality education, but children everywhere.

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$5-$10 is the cost of one child to receive medical care
$20 buys a new sweater for a child
$35 buys 50 kg of uji (a nutrient rich porridge served for breakfast)
$40 buys a sack of charcoal (source of heat for cooking)
$70 buys 50 kg of rice (served with vegetables as part of the lunch program)
$100 allows us to purchase enough stationary, notebooks, textbooks and exam papers for all the children for a school term

$600 per year sponsors a child once they graduate preschool. We ask that only sponsors who can commit to supporting a child from Kindergarten until the end of 12th grade take on this sponsorship, as it drastically harms a child to lose funding once their formal education has begun. It works out to $1.64 a day.

Watch the story of how we got to Kenya!